Turtle Creek Chorale

1990    From the Heart
1991    When We No Longer Touch Peace
1992    Testament
1993    Requiem
1994    United We Sing
1994    A Roamin' Holiday
         Everything's Possible
1995    Let Music Live
         Times of the Day
1996    The Gershwin Scrapbook
          Simply Christmas
1997    Celebrate
         Twisted Turtle Tinsel
1998    Lifelong Friend
1999    Best of the Turtle Creek Chorale
2000    Personals
          Sing for the Cure
          Song of Wisdom from Old Turtle
          Turtle Mix
2001    Two Worlds with Buddy Shanahan
          Comfort and Joy
          Turtle Creek Chorale Recordings Sampler
2002    To A Dancing Star
          A Testament to Freedom
          One World
2003    Celestial
2004    Annie's Songs
          The Holy and The Holly
2005    Holiday Memories
2006    Songs of Our Nation
2007    Serenade
          A Fond Farewell

Women's Chorus of Dallas

1996    Only Human
1994    Our Turn
1997    Change of Heart
1998    In the Mood
2000    American Rhapsody
2002    Seasons of Dreams


2005    The Perfect Blend (DVD with Book)
2007    The Perfect Rehearsel (DVD with Book)
2007    The Perfect Choral Workbook (DVD with Book)
2008    Quick Fixes (DVD with Book)

san francisco gay men's chorus

2009    Tune In Turn On Sing Out
2011    Words
2012    Enchantingly Wicked
2013    Illuminate
2014    I Am Harvey Milk
2015    Passion
2018 “40”
2019 Unbreakable

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